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Like Water I Came Like Wind I Go

In 2009 after the fraudulent election of Iran’s president Ahmadinejad, millions of Iranian citizens took to the streets to demonstrate for the legitimate winner, Mousavi. These protesters were supressed by force: tortured, arrested and executed if they were caught by the military. As one of the only foreigners present during the uprising, I demonstrated alongside the Iranians and documented the protests (which was itself punishable by internment and execution). I knew my images had the power to reach the outside world and tell the story of the people who could not share it themselves. After two weeks of protest, myself and four others were arrested and sentenced. I was the only one who walked out of he prison alive as I had a Canadian passport and was allowed to return home. Back in safely of Canada, and having smuggled my negatives out of Iran in secret, the images were then safe and free from censorship. I was able to exhibit this series internationally and curate a solo exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art. Thanks to these photographs, this movement that was once so forcefully suppressed will never again be silenced and those who took to the streets and gave their lies for justice will never be forgotten. 

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