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Aydin Matlabi


As an artist, my primary aim is to create art that supports marginalized communities and individuals, by giving them a platform where their voices are heard. My art seeks to find strength, beauty, and humanity in the most difficult and ravaged places where hope has been lost. I have worked in Haiti, Afghanistan, South Thailand, Iraq, Iran, Democratic Republic of Congo and in many more countries that struggle for liberty and freedom of speech; in order to create narratives and stories that seek to provide visibility for the people and support human rights.  


For the past decade, I have been creating works of art in relation to violence, humanitarian crises, and social upheavals. My work has gained international recognition through multiple awards and solo exhibitions, as well as a major solo exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal.


I am presently banned from my own native country of Iran with a Fatwa (bounty) on my life. As a humanitarian artist, embracing the inherent risk associated with my art means that I am, and will always be, fully committed to creating visibility for the unheard voices of the world. 


I seek to find logic and humanity in the face of violence. Through my art, my life's goal has emerged to help those who struggle to see beyond the horror and adversity of their surroundings. My art shines a spotlight on human struggles in an attempt to evoke hope and unity.





- The Artraker Humanitarian Artist Award, 2017

- The Bronfman Award: Short-listed, 2011
- The Dick and Gretchen Evans Prize, 2010

- Photo District News Photo Annual Contest

 - Up and Coming Photographer Under 30, 2010


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Email:                                  Phone:  514-659-2616

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